RoboRAVE International 2015 General Information


About the Event:

Dates: Friday, May 1 – Saturday, May 2, 2015

Location: “Robo”querque Convention Center (see map

The Embassy Suites Hotel will be home of the 2015 Aerial Challenge including a Media Challenge (free to the public) on Thursday, April 30th from 2pm-3pm! (A shuttle will be available between the two locations)

General Public Tickets: OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, tickets available at the Convention Center doors on Friday, May 1st from 8am – 5pm and Saturday, and May 2nd from 7am-3pm. Adults: $10 (includes 2 kids FREE, 18 or under);      Additional kids: $2 each. Seniors (60+) & Veterans, $8 each.Tickets (wristbands) are valid for both days (Friday & Saturday) 

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About Registration:  

Registration for teams is CLOSED.

About the 2015 Robot Challenges:

a-MAZE-ing Challenge: separate ES, MS, HS divisions

JOUSTING Challenge: separate ES, MS divisions

LINE FOLLOWING Challenge: separate ES, MS (HS/BK) divisions

TRIATHLON Challenge: MS division

FIRE FIGHTING Challenge: MS/HS/BK (all play as ONE division)

AERIAL Challenge: HS/BK (all play as ONE division)

ROBOTOVATE Challenge: MS/HS/BK (all play as ONE division)

Would you like to VOLUNTEER and help make this event possible for over 1700 kids from around the world?!