updated: July 28, 2016

NEW for 2017 – All BEP points will no longer be added to your robot scores AS IN THE PAST EVENTS. They will earn awards for each category SEPARATELY. 

ALL BEFORE EVENT POINTS must be submitted by APRIL 1, 2017, 1800 HOURS,

Mountain Standard Time (US)

before event logo (disabled until October 1, 2016)

What are the new awards categories?        Before Event Points Scoring Matrix link 


Elementary School:              What to write      Grading Rubric:

Middle School:                    What to write      Grading Rubric

High School and Big Kids:  What to write      Grading Rubric


AS OF July 19, 2016 – NO BEP are being accepted – OPEN for submissions – OCTOBER 1, 2016

PLEASE allow 24 hours for posting of your submissions. 

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